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What We Do

Depending on our members’ needs Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine can offer various types of assistance in the field of Ukrainian law, namely:

If you are a foreign individual (natural person):

- Written and oral consultations on Ukrainian law (your employment rights, immigration status, rights to take legal action, acquisition of property in Ukraine etc.);

- 24/7 emergency legal assistance in case if you became victim of a crime, got arrested, lost your ID etc;

- Representation in the state and municipal authorities, courts of any jurisdictions;

- Drafting petitions to the state, municipal authorities, as well as any companies, organizations, institutions with regard to your legal rights and interests;

- E-newsletter with timely updates on amendments to Ukrainian legislation that affect your legal rights and obligations as a foreign individual (in English or Russian).


If you are a foreign legal entity or non-for-profit corporation, NGO:

-          Oral and written consultations on Ukrainian law, assistance with choosing the right way to establish your business representation in Ukraine;

-          Legal assistance to your employees, management, business owners;

-          24/7 emergency legal assistance;

-          E-newsletter with timely updates on amendments to Ukrainian legislation that affect your business (in English or Russian).

Please note, that Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine is primarily focused on protection of individual legal rights of foreign nationals. We are not a law firm and thus do not provide you with legal services that concern your commercial activities in Ukraine. Should your company need legal assistance concerning its commercial activities in Ukraine, we may suggest you a reputable law firm or a counsel specialized in the specific area.

Given the benevolent nature of our movement, foreign NGOs and non-for-profit corporations engaged in helping Ukrainian orphanages, orphans and kids with disabilities can become our members and obtain our full legal assistance absolutely for free.