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About Us

International Non-Governmental Organization “Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine” is a not-for-profit movement aimed at providing foreign individuals and organizations with legal aid and protection in Ukraine.

We believe that every foreign national who visits Ukraine, regardless of the purpose and duration of their stay, must be accorded fundamental legal rights and privileges no less favorable than those accorded to Ukrainian citizens.

Because membership fees and voluntary donations exclusively fund us, we are completely independent of any political, governmental, or social influence.

What we Do

We understand how important it is for the nationals of other countries to feel safe in Ukraine.

Our NGO deals primarily with the cases when foreign nationals require legal assistance in Ukraine. Our multilingual activists are officially admitted to the Ukrainian Bar, well versed in Ukrainian law, and are ready to help  members at any time, day or night.

Through the system of legal alerts we provide members with timely legal updates on matters of interest to foreigners.

Regardless of your status as a victim, an offender, homebuyer, possible migrant, or simply want to know more about your legal rights – please contact our specialists. Our lawyers will get back to you as soon as possible and provide answers to your questions.

Who we Help

Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine provides help to:

- Foreign nationals who plan on visiting Ukraine in the future;

- Foreign nationals who permanently or temporarily reside in Ukraine and need legal assistance;

- Foreign NGOs, their branches, and representative offices located  in Ukraine that require legal support in their daily business routine;

- Foreign companies that plan to operate in Ukraine and wish to know about the legal requirements and business environment in Ukraine;

- Foreign companies that already conduct business activities in Ukraine and are in need of legal assistance.

Is Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine properly registered?

We have been registered  with the State Registration Service as an international Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and Not-for-Profit Organization (NPO) under Ukrainian law in the year of 2012. We are also included in the Public Registry of NGOs maintained by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine under No. 3467, which is publicly available via the following link (name in Ukrainian – “Міжнародна Громадська Організація “Правова Підтримка Іноземців в Україні”).

Are the activists of Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine  qualified to provide legal assistance?

All our lawyers are officially qualified to practice law in Ukraine. They have obtained their degrees from the most reputable law schools in Ukraine and abroad and have a proven track record in legal field. All legal work is carried out under the direct and meticulous supervision of our Board Members.

Does Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine charge money for legal assistance to its members?

No. As an NPO, we do not charge our members for the services rendered. Members of Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine can take advantage of all our resources such as 24/7 free legal assistance and e-newsletter on the matters of Ukrainian law.

More questions? Please contact us. 

Our Structure

The system of governing bodies of Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine is laid down in detail in the Articles of Association. According to the provisions of the Articles of Association, the supreme governing body of the organization is the General Assembly, which comprises of all its members.

The day-to-day activities of the NGO are managed by the Executive Board. The Chairman of the Board – the President – is authorized to act on behalf of the NGO without power of attorney and represent the organization in all institutions and state authorities. To learn more about the corporate structure of Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine please read the Articles of Association.

Our Vision

According to the open source statistical data, over 500,000 foreign nationals live in Ukraine on a permanent basis.  Thousands of foreign citizens arrive in Ukraine every day on a short term basis. Although the extensive network of consular offices in Ukraine works hard to help foreign nationals with any emergencies, it is not feasible to ensure the full legal protection of everyone.

Foreigners in Ukraine face legal issues every day. Some get married, purchase, sell, inherit, migrate, sue or get sued. It is not uncommon for foreigners to face criminal or disciplinary charges in Ukraine. Our mission is to ensure that no matter what happened, the legal rights of foreigners are fully complied with and none is left without legal assistance.

Our help is professional, free and available 24/7.

Our activists work day and night to demonstrate to the international society that Ukraine is a country with a developed legal system based on international law standards, and it is a place where foreigner’s legal rights are protected.

How to Join?

To become one of us and enjoy full privileges of being a member of Legal Support of Foreigners in Ukraine, a foreign national or a legal entity should familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Articles of Association, read carefully the information concerning membership in our organisation and then fill out the request form.