Legal Update: Visa Free Regime for Macedonians      
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Legal Update: Visa Free Regime for Macedonians


Ukraine establishes temporary visa free regime for the citizens of Macedonia. The Presidential Decree to this effect was signed 14 August 2012.

Starting from 15 August 2012 Macedonian travelers are allowed to enter Ukraine or pass through its territory subject to the condition that their actual stay within Ukrainian national borders does not exceed 90 calendar days.  The visa free regime will be in place until 15 March 2013.

In particular, visa requirements are waived in respect of the citizens of Macedonia who can prove the purpose of their travel to Ukraine. For example, those who enter Ukraine for the purpose of visiting relatives or friends must have a formal invitation. Tourists may present a valid tourist voucher or a confirmation from a travel agency.

The new legislation comes as a response to the earlier initiative of the Macedonian government to grant visa free regime to the Ukrainian citizens until 15 March 2013.

(prepared by M. Lelyavina)