During European football cup violators of public order can be expelled from Ukraine      
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During European football cup violators of public order can be expelled from Ukraine

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According to the provisions of the new Ukrainian law which came into effect today, 9 June 2012, foreign citizens who violate public order on the territory of Ukraine can be subject to a short-term arrest and even subsequent deportation. Violations that fall within the ambit of a new procedure include inter alia petty thefts, disruptive behavior, smoking in public places and public drinking.

The new rules come in the wake of massive flood of football fans visiting the European largest football tournament this year and possible public unrest caused by it in large Ukrainian cities. In particular, the regulator extended the term of the so-called “administrative arrest” which can last up to 24 hours at the police district. After the expiration of 24 hours the person arrested on suspicion of public order violation must appear before a judge in the court of law who is to decide whether the evidence presented by the police is sufficient for a guilty verdict and monetary fine.

Aggravated or repeated violations can lead to much heavier penalties including even deportation from Ukraine. Although the deportation of a foreign national can be reviewed by the appellate court, filing of an appeal does not, however, suspend the obligation of Ukrainian police to expel a foreign wrongdoer from the country.

It is important to remind all foreign football fans about their legal right pursuant to Ukrainian law to use services of a legal counsel and/or translator in case of arrest and during trial.

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