Customs formalities      
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Customs formalities

What amount of money in cash are you allowed to bring into Ukraine without declaration?

No more than EUR 10,000  or its equivalent in any other currency.

What is the procedure for bringing pets into the territory of Ukraine?

Pets that are brought into Ukraine should be declared in written form and verified upon arrival. Special procedures may apply.

Does a foreigner need to declare his/ her belongings brought into Ukraine?

Generally, the declaring of “personal” belongings which are brought into Ukraine by a foreigner is not required. However, the decision about what belongings should be considered as “personal” is made by the Ukrainian customs officers. For example, if a foreigner would bring into Ukraine more than two mobile phones and two laptops then there would be a reason for the Ukrainian customs officers not to consider such goods as personal belongings. Goods that do not fall under the category of “personal” belongings,  the value of which exceeds 1000 euro (for air travel) and 500 euro (for non-air travel), are subject to a written declaring, 10% import tax and 20% VAT.